The Brush Revolution (DVD)



Florian Alexandru-Zorn has developed fundamental new concepts for the drummer in order to allow expression in a completely new way.
‘A revolution (from the Latin revolution, a ‘turn around’) is defined as a ‘dramatic and fundamental change in power or organisational structures in a relatively short period of time’.  A revolution always requires courage. This attribute enables you to campaign for a principle you feel is right and necessary, against any opposition and danger. Loosely based on the following quote by Immanuel Kant: ‘have the courage to make use of our own understanding!’ I encourage you to discover fundamental new concepts and dictions at your drum set that will allow you to develop your musicianship.’ Florian Alexandru-Zorn.
This DVD includes drum techniques for both the beginner and advanced drummer, helping you enhance your creativity. Using these new concepts, you will be able to create new sounds and rhythms which are only playable with brushes.
Pyramid Stickings
Grooves with Quintuplets
Rudiments with Quintuplets
Combinations of Stickings
Tap-sweep Concepts
Gospel-chop Concepts
HiHat Exercises

Bonus Material:
Drum Solos
Miniset Solos
Orchestral Solos

A PDF of each exercise can be found on the DVD.

With this new DVD, Florian Alexandru-Zorn has shown, once again, why ‘Modern Drummer’ magazine called him ‘a revolutionary in the art of brush-playing’. Share Florian’s detailed, step-by-step exercises with ‘The Brush Revolution’.